Custom production

Since the beginning of our toy production, we have offered customers an individual approach and toy production. Our custom production is divided into two ways.


1, Custom production of the finished model in the required length and diameter. We can make all our models, which you can find on the e-shop or in our Google gallery, in any usable length and diameter.

Order process: You choose a model from our offer and order a "custom" size. You choose firmness and pattern and add to the basket. The price of such a toy is 0 Euro. You can then place an order. In the last step, you can write in the note what usable length and diameter you would be interested in. If you don't write anything there, nothing happens.

Our offer: After completing the order, we will write to you as quickly as possible by email and arrange everything necessary with you. When we know everything we need. We will send you a preview of the toy in the dimensions you require, including the exact price. When everything suits you, we can make such a toy for you.

The entire design and consultation process is FREE. Do not be afraid to write us. :)


2, Custom production of the toy including the model. We offer the possibility of designing your own toy not only for training lovers. Here we have several options: 

A, Bulges model (free offer) - with this model, you can choose any number of bulges, their individual diameters, the distance between the bulges and more. 

B, Smooth rotationally symmetrical pins, plugs, snakes, etc. (free offer) - for these models, it is ideal to send some picture as a pattern. Either from our Google gallery, or an image from the internet. For both, we will need to know the required dimensions and any other changes. Or you can send us a freehand drawing with dimensions. 

C, Production of a complex model to order (paid design) - This case includes a complete design of a new model according to the specified requirements. It includes a complex shape, surface, dimensions, etc. The price of the 3D model itself costs around 200-250 Euro.


If you are interested in any of the options, write to us via the contact form at the top of the page, or to the email, where we will take care of you.

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