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Discreet packaging
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Worldwide delivery
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Handmade production
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Fist - Hand

Sample of our custom production. But we can do much more, write to us. >>> Possibilities of custom production <<<      Need help to choose...

obrázek 2023 10 19 100124444

The Thanos model features a distinctive shape for a profound sense of fullness, with a textured surface that ensures an intense experience.      Need help to choose the best...

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obrázek 2024 02 06 131311505

An equine-shaped toy, best suited for experienced users or those looking to explore more challenging options.      Need help to choose the best toy for you? See our Toy...

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obrázek 2023 10 19 120354578

The bulge training model is created for lovers of pushing their limits. We design Bulges completely individually, the toy can look completely different, contact us.      Need...

obrázek 2023 10 18 135618519

The unicorn is an elegant model with a slightly increasing diameter, gentle grooves on the surface. It is popular among customers who prefer a simple shape and quality....

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obrázek 2023 10 19 102606756

Direwolf is a toy with a special shape, resembling a dog's penis, which is typical for its knot. It is more intense variant of the Foxy model.      Need...

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obrázek 2024 02 06 132352556

The Tentacle model is exceptional with its sleek and regular design featuring suction cups to enhance stimulation.      Need help to choose the best toy for you? See our Toy...

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obrázek 2023 10 26 145939049

Foxy is a toy with a special shape, resembling a beast's penis with its typical knot. He is a milder variant of DireWolf.      Need help to choose the best toy for you? See...

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obrázek 2023 10 19 140232756

The Lizard's distinct shape and rounded protrusions offer both intense stimulation and an elegant look.      Need help to choose the best toy for you? See our Toy selection...

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PhotoRoom 20240101 135926 41

Experience a touch of baroque shape with our Lily Grinder. This very soft grinder will satisfy every woman.   What is Grinder?  It is a toy for women that they satisfy by...


Silicone toys that satisfy all your sexual desires

Welcome to our store. Here you can find the assortment of toys in the basic sizes that we offer. We can make these toys in any length and diameter, but not all sizes can be here. We also deal with the custom production of toys, especially for training of larger diameters. We create these toys completely individually. So if you're interested in something other than what you've found here please contact us at deeppleasuretoys@gmail.com.

Sincerely, the Deep Pleasure team.

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