About us

We are a family business engaged in the custom production of toys. Production is first and foremost a hobby for us, because we enjoy it a lot and it moves us forward. We rely on a personal approach and will discuss their needs with most customers so that their choice of model and size is as good as possible.

The impetus for creating our own toys was the insufficient supply of toys made of quality materials, in atypical sizes (for example, short and thick). That's why we decided to try casting our own toy. We started by studying materials that are suitable for the production of toys, mainly from a health point of view. In this regard, platinum-cured silicone clearly won. After studying the technology itself and purchasing silicone from SmoothOn, we cast our very first toy.

The first toy, still in its raw unpainted state, was usable, but the quality was not good. By gradually improving the technology and buying additional pigments, we got to the point where we were satisfied with a toy.

After the toys were published on the Internet, people started calling us with questions like: What kind of toy is this? What material is the toy made of, it looks great. Where did you buy the toy? These people became our very first customers who had toys made by us. Thanks to these first orders, we moved on quickly and therefore the development was easier. We thank them very much for that.

That's why we founded our own company, so that we can make a toy for people in any length and diameter. Since there is great interest in the possibility of a personalized toy, we believe that what we do makes sense.

You can never stop development, and that's why with every new toy we make, even for you, we move forward and make better and more beautiful toys.

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