Stretching training

This entire guide is based on long-term cooperation with our customers who have been involved in stretching for a long time. Thanks to their feedback and our production of training toys in the exact dimensions required, we have come up with this procedure, which is effective, painless and very pleasant.

The whole principle of release is that we try to insert a smooth soft toy of a larger diameter than the person is currently able to accommodate in the hard material. As the toy is soft, it is possible to insert the toy with light force. When choosing the correct diameter, this insertion does not hurt and only pushes in all directions around the entire circumference, which causes the desired release. If our training bulges are used, which we design individually according to the customer's needs, there is a slight taper between the bulges when this larger diameter is inserted. This narrowing is suitable as a pause before further insertion or extension. If the correct size of the bumps is chosen, it is not possible to continue immediately to the next one, but the toy must be taken out and thus again free the hole with a larger diameter at the top of the bump. This insertion and subsequent extraction is repeated until the hole is loosened enough to proceed to the next bump in the sequence, which is always slightly larger in diameter. The diameters of the bumps themselves are increased by 1 cm for smaller diameters and by 0.5 cm for larger diameters. If the customer needs to go even slower, we are able to produce bumps with a diameter difference of even 1 mm.

With this principle, with regular training, it is possible for most people to make unexpected changes in a relatively short time.

First of all, you need to realize what a person's current limits are and choose a toy accordingly, which we are happy to help with, as we have a lot of experience. So, if stretching and possible fisting appeals to you and you want to move further in this area, do not hesitate to contact us at or on one of our social networks, which you can find outside of them at

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